Mark your calendars for THREE fundraiser plant sales in 2023!

April 7th, 8th, 9th, 9 AM - 4 PM

Mother's Day Weekend, May 12th, 13th, 14th, 2023, 9 AM - 4 PM

Father's Day Weekend, June 17th, 18th, 10 AM - 4 PM

The Nature Steward's Nursery has a variety of Native Plants and Trees.
The Vine Maple,  considered a small tree, is great for urban landscapes.
It's colorful in the Fall and trimmable, so you can keep it contained.
Another favorite is Serviceberry, a bush that provides berries for both humans and wildlife.
We have shade plants, sun plants, drought tolerant plants, grounds covers, and ferns.

Here's a list:
Red Flowering Currant, Twinberry, Low and Tall Oregon Grapes, Irises, Ferns, Coastal Strawberries, Nodding Onion, Western Red Columbine, Bleeding Heart, Evergreen Huckleberry, Lilies, Wild Ginger, Mints, Oregano, Honeysuckle, Bear Grass, Fireweed, Cascara, Ocean Spray, Blue Elderberry, Red Elderberry, Douglas Spirea, Oxalis, Sorrel, Fringe Cup, Hardy Oregon Geranium, Oregon Stonecrop, Pacific Ninebark, Pacific Rhododendron, Orange Honeysuckle, Roses, Red Huckleberry, Saxifrage, Salmonberry, Sedums, Snowberry, Thimbleberry, Vine Maple, Native Willow, Shore Pine, Red Osier Dogwood, Mock Orange, Serviceberry, Western May Lily, and MORE….

Contact Grace at 425-228-7927 for information about the fundraiser plant sales.  This fundraiser provides scholarships to high school graduates in the Renton and Highline School Districts who are pursuing an Environmental Sciences Degree at a college or university of their choice.  You can contribute to our scholarship fund by donating or purchasing native plants at our fundraisers.  We appreciate your support!

Myers Way Wetland Restoration Project, 2020 - 2023

Phase 1, in 2020, Weed Warriors removed invasive blackberries from 33,000 square feet wetland.  The pile of blackberry canes and roots was approximately 5,000 cubic feet.
Phase 2, in 2021, we removed more blackberry roots, followed by a planting of 350 native wetland trees and shrubs.
Phase 3, in 2022 and 2023, we will continue the restoration effort!   Read more about the project HERE.

We Solarized the New Start Community Garden Infrastructure in 2022!

The garden stage, irrigation system, and greenhouse has solar power, making the garden an Eco-friendly, off-the-grid garden of the future.
Thanks to our partners and funders for this awesome new project:
Port of Seattle's So King County Environmental Fund
King Conservation District
Key Tech Labs
New Start School and Students
Highline School District CTE Group - Career, Technology Education
Coalition for Drug Free Youth
Members of the Community, Like YOU!

In 2023, We're Bringing Urban Food Gardening Education Classes to the New Start Community Garden

To Sign-Up for Classes, Contact

1/28/2023 Winter Pruning
2/11/2023 Intro to Pruning Berries & Vines (+kiwis & grapes)
3/4/2023 Grafting 101
3/25/2023 P-Patch Orientation
4/1/2023 Drip Irrigation 101
5/6/23 Edible Landscaping 101
5/13/23 Composting 101 plus Worms!
5/20/23 Thinning & Netting Fruit Trees 101
5/20/2023 Rainwater Harvesting 101
6/3/2023 Herb Gardening 101
6/10/2023 Summer Fruit Pruning 101
6/17/2023 Beneficial Bugs & Pollinator Gardening 101
6/17/2023 Organic Weed Control 101
6/24/23 Intro to Herbal Medicine
7/1/23 Burien Art Market
7/2 til 7/8 SUMMER BREAK
7/22/23 Intro to African Soul Food
7/22/23 Intro to Beekeeping
7/29/23 Intro to Kurdish Cooking
10/7/23 Winterizing Your Garden
7/15/2023 Make Your Own Vietnamese Fresh Rolls (Morning)
7/15/2023 Intro to Vietnamese Salads
August/Sept Mexican Salsas 101
August/Sept African Sauces 101
Fall Open House Ethiopian Coffee or Tea Culture 101
Fall Intro to Microgreens
Fall Intro to Gluten Free Cooking
Create a Mini Food Forest : Tree Guilds
August Container & Small Space Gardening
Spring 2024 Intro to No Till/Dig Gardening
Soil Web & Health (w/ some mycology)
Eat Your Weeds!
Companion Planting 101
Garden Tools 101 w/maintenance
Growing Fruit & Berries in Containers
March 2024 Plant Propagation 101
April 2024 Intro to Mushroom Foraging in the PNW
Chicken Keeping 101