Our History

Our Past, Present, and Future

Our Past:

Weed Warriors launched their first project in February of 2008 with the massive ivy removal and habitat restoration of the Newcastle Historical Cemetery, and later became a WA State Non-Profit Charity with an IRS 501c3 designation. We’ve grown and evolved since our initial “Boots on the Ground” weed removal and restoration projects in 2008. In 2014 we developed and expanded our scope to include more community education and outreach programs.  The Nature Stewards Program now includes workshops, events, art in nature activities, classroom presentations, nature trail walks, rain garden installations, and advocacy for environmental issues – all activities supporting our mission to impart and nurture the responsibility of environmental stewardship.  Yes, volunteers still have the opportunity to get their gloves dirty with our “Boots on the Ground” projects, as we continue to offer community engagement and community service opportunities with our new programing.

Our Present:

Volunteers remove various species of invasive noxious weeds in many locations in King County, improve wildlife habitat in public parks and open spaces by planting native plants and trees, improve the wetland function at the Myers Ways wetlands near upper Hamm Creek, and participate in Nature Stewards workshops on various environmental topics. Our organization hosts community-wide art events at the New Start Community Garden in the Highline School District. Many youths earn community service for school requirements as they participate and give volunteer time to local stewardship projects. 

The benefits of our weed control and restoration projects are priceless, since the projects relieve the burden of the local jurisdictions. If a price could be put a value of the total volunteer service through from 2008 through Dec. 31st, 2022 of 34,531.78 hours, according to Independent Sector that establishes the volunteer value for each state annually, this would total an amazing $1,038,758.49. Thank you, Volunteers, we’ve exceeded our volunteer value goal of one million dollars!

Our Future:

Weed Warriors will continue to support communities and jurisdictions through weed removal and restoration projects by removing non-native weeds in public places, and continue to offer creative, engaging educational events and activities with the Nature Stewards Program.  We welcome all who are interested in a healthy environment to participate, attend meetings, and help with educational outreaches.

Our Esteemed Volunteers

Volunteers and supporters include adults, elementary, middle and high school students from the community; University of Washington, Bellevue College, Hazen High School, Liberty High School, Hazen’s Girls and Boys Cross Country Teams, Northwest Outdoor 4-H Club, Hazelwood Brownie Troop, Girl and Boy Scouts from the Eastside Community, Hazen High School Earth Core Club, Hazen Key Club, the Newport Woods Association, the International School in Bellevue, members from Newcastle Trails, the Newcastle Historical Society, the Hazelwood and Newcastle Elementary Schools PTSA’s, West Seattle Timebank, Riverton Heights Bible Fellowship, Village Green Nursery, Highline High Schools, the New Start Community Garden, and many more….

Our Professional Partners

The Weed Warriors organization partners with other non-profit organizations to increase our effectiveness and establish collaborative relationships. Visit our Partner page. We are an active partner with the National Wildlife Federation to establish community wildlife habitats around Puget Sound, and ECO Net, (Education, Communication and Outreach Network) a Puget Sound-wide network of professionals working to help save Puget Sound from the negative impacts of urbanization effecting the Sound’s ecosystem. ECO Net draws on the combined experience, skills and community-level knowledge of local organizations and individuals, while linking to and benefiting from regional resources and a comprehensive vision for restoring Puget Sound. Other Weed Warrior partnering organizations and jurisdictions include the Cities of Newcastle, Renton, Bellevue, Seattle, the North Highline Unincorporated Area, and the Stream Team in Grays Harbor County.