Our Mission

Our Mission is to Inspire an Appreciation and Respect for Nature
We’re Environmental Stewards
We Connect – Educate – Empower – Advocate

We mitigate climate change by planting trees.
We restore habitats by removing invasive weeds and planting native plants.
We’re advocates for a healthy, sustainable environment for both people and wildlife.
We offer art activities for all ages as a creative tool to awaken a love and respect for nature.
We connect people of all ages to nature through education, art activities, nature exploration, and restoration projects.
We believe environmental education and engagement with nature is essential to ensure a livable planet for future generations.

Our Vision is to See the World Living in Harmony with Nature
Imagine This!

We strongly believe in the values of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We work to ensure that everyone feels engaged and supported in all areas of the organization’s operations and programs as we work to become a fully inclusive, multi-cultural and anti-racist organization.

As a WA State Charitable, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are dedicated and committed to connecting marginalized, under-served communities to the natural environment, by offering environmental stewardship projects, art-in-nature activities, and educational workshops that educate and empower, enabling people to have a voice and greater agency in the stewardship of their public places.  Our charitable community service projects relieve the burden of government and improve the aesthetic, recreational, and economic value of public parks, community gardens, trails, green spaces, and public education facilities and properties.