Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds™, a Program of the National Wildlife Federation, empowers congregations of all faiths to connect to the Earth by gardening for wildlife and studying the teachings and texts of their faiths. With Sacred Grounds™, people, the planet, and spiritual foundations all flourish.  Places of Worship become Wildlife Habitats and incorporate Sustainable Gardening Practices in their grounds management.

The Nature Steward Program is working with the Highline United Methodist Church in Burien during 2018 to assist in establishing sustainable, earth friendly practices beginning with recycling, establishing a community garden, and a wildlife habitat on the their Sacred Grounds.  Congregations offer great opportunities to support wildlife habitat due to their often large acreage, community leadership role, and provision of spiritual guidance. By combining spiritual empowerment with wildlife conservation, both people and wildlife thrive.

Pastor Jenny Partch of the Highline United Methodist Church brings the message, “Season of Creation” for April and May 2018 as the Sacred Ground Program launches.  The program encourages the following elements to engage congregational members to increase their stewardship for wildlife and the environment.

  1. Connecting environmental stewardship to faith through service, teaching, or prayer
  2. Educating and inspiring the congregation to get involved within the community
  3. Reaching beyond the congregation to encourage communal environmental stewardship regardless of faith

The Following events take place at the Highline United Methodist:  Church 13015 1st Ave S, Burien, WA 98168

Sunday - April 15, 2018:  2:30 -3:30 Exciting Recycle Relay Race for Kids and Adults
Hosted by the Weed Warriors and Recology, our local Waste and Recycling Servicer and Educator

Saturday – May 5, 2018:  3:00 – 5:00 PM – Gardening for Life.  Indoor Program and an Outdoor activity.  Dress for the weather.

Topics Include:

  • Gardening for People and Wildlife – Congregational Engagement for Decision on a Community Garden
  • Elements of a Wildlife Habitat – Attracting Pollinators to your Garden and Not Giving Up!  Featuring the story of the heroic little Hummingbird.
  • Sustainable Wildlife Gardening, Composting, and Planting Trees to Sequester Carbon - all help the planet.