Earth Heroes

Earth Heroes are Students Taking Action to Protect the Environment. 

“Get Your Earth On!”

Our workshops for adults and students offer learning opportunities of a range of topics. Our fun and engaging activities for youths connect kids to nature and foster positive engagement and stewardship in their adult lives.  We also host learning projects in schools and public parks, and host award ceremonies for students of elementary school after school programs. Today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders and environmental stewards and we applaud their efforts!

Drivers who “Don’t Drip and Drive”

As part of the Earth Heroes Program, we encourage drivers to learn more about their role in keeping Puget Sound “oil free” by participating in the free “Don’t Drip and Drive” program offered by the Puget Sound Partnership and WA State Dept. of Ecology.

Free Auto Leaks Workshops

Is your car leaking oil? This Workshop’s for You!

Free workshops offer oil-leak inspections


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Does your car drip? Ever wondered if a ‘spot’ on the ground came from your car? Want to learn how to properly maintain your car?

Join the experts for a FREE Auto Leaks workshop. At this workshop you’ll:

  • Get a free professional car health assessment from a certified automotive instructor.
  • Learn how to identify and prevent leaks.
  • Receive tips on repairing minor common leaks.
  • Learn preventive maintenance.
  • Leave the class with a FREE Vehicle Maintenance Check Kit and the confidence to talk to your mechanic.

Watch this video and hear what past participants have to say:

Dates: Many dates and times available now.
Space is limited! So register now! To register go to:

Earth Heroes Learn how to Identify Noxious Invasive Weeds and Participate in Removal Efforts in Public Parks.
Students that Stop the Invaders are Heroes for the Environment!

Watch this Video about Plant Invaders, Noxious Weeds that don’t belong in the Pacific Northwest Ecosystems.