Art for the New Start Community Garden Fence

New Project in 2021 - Art for the New Start Community Garden Fence

Funding for this project was proved by the Port of Seattle's South King County Fund for Environmental Grants (SKCF.)

The Weed Warriors Nature Stewards Program, sponsors of  the New Start Community Garden, invites all members of the community to experience art and the many amenities at their local community garden, along with the wonders of nature found in the garden. The garden features include a pollinator garden, hummingbird garden, native plant garden, Pom Pom sensory garden for kids, the Latin American Garden, rain garden, herb garden, an orchard of fruit trees, a fig forest, grape arbor, berry patches, 2 kiwi trellises, and other features. The engaging and inviting art placed on the garden fence invites community members to visit the garden and enjoy the benefits of a community garden space. This project represents art from the local diverse community. This environmentally-friendly garden educates and promotes the importance of using sustainable gardening practices, i.e., avoiding pesticides and chemicals that harm wildlife and the ecosystem, and the importance of rain gardens around Puget Sound to mitigate stormwater run-off. The garden and its community programs are positive influences that promote practices which support the overall health of Puget Sound and the well-being of community members. The garden offers a gathering place, an out-door classroom, brings the community together for events, and provides food security for the community with organically grown vegetables and fruits. The art installation is a welcoming addition to the other amenities of the New Start Community Garden.

The goal of this art project is to make the community garden an inviting, interesting community space by providing art that will be displayed on the garden fence facing the sidewalk near the entrance, visible to all who pass by, either on foot or in vehicles. We encouraged the local schools and community to participate in this project that connects art with nature and gardening. This garden provides for food security in a community that has many apartment buildings. The project engaged participants that reflect the diverse culture diversity of the area.

This project demonstrated that the community garden is a welcoming place for all ethnic groups, by providing art that represents all cultures of the surrounding area. This project demonstrates a commitment to environmental and social justice initiatives by incorporating inclusive and culturally sensitive activities and engagement.

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