Our Partners

Why We Partner

Emeritus Co-Founder Richard Bell states, “Collaborating with other environmentally focused groups allows us to reach a larger audience.”
Provided below is a brief description of each partner and projects.

City of Burien
Weed Warriors are part of Burien’s Adopt a Park Program working in Mathison Park with community volunteers and youth from local schools to remove invasive weeds and plant native plants. Look for our volunteer work parties on the calendar page, which will take place in the fall, the optimum time for planting trees and shrubs. Throughout the year, we’ll be watering, thanks to the Water Brigade volunteers, to ensure the trees take hold and survive until well established.

City of Newcastle
Weed Warriors have collaborated with Newcastle since our inception in 2008. Newcastle, with its wonderful suburban life style, has natural areas, trails and other opportunities for outdoor recreation. Together, we’ve produced projects, events and workshops for residents and the surrounding areas. Volunteers have removed many invasive weeds in the public parks. The Weed Warriors worked diligently to remove massive amounts of ivy in the Newcastle Historical Cemetery. Weed Warriors applied for the strategic planning grant for governing and maintaining the Historic Cemetery which was awarded to the City of Newcastle. 4Culture Award Grant for Newcastle Historic Cemetery.

Climate Change for Families, also known as Plant for the Planet Seattle
We empower children and youths to become Climate Justice Ambassadors who plant trees and share messages about the important role of trees in a sustainable ecosystem and a life-sustaining planet.

Community Orchard of West Seattle
We welcome our new partner and volunteers with “C.O.W.S.” located on the South Seattle College Campus. COWS grows a free source of local fruit and vegetables for volunteers and local food security programs while engaging people in sustainable agriculture education and community gardening.

EarthKeeping Orchard Garden in Factoria
The Earthkeeping Ministry of Holy Cross Lutheran Church operates a community garden open to members of the community. They believe that by teaching people about the root causes of hunger, we can mobilize others to join in solving hunger problems.  The garden and orchard donates a portion of the produce grown on these plots to local food banks.  As a community, we will endeavor to teach others about how to grow and preserve food, how to buy locally for regional sustainability, and how to increase the taste and nutritional quality of household diets.

ECO Net (Education, Communication and Outreach Network) is a network of professionals committed to working collaboratively to protect and enhance the health and vitality of the Puget Sound region and to save Puget Sound from the negative impacts of urbanization effecting the Sound’s ecosystem. ECO Net draws on the combined experience, skills and community-level knowledge of local organizations and individuals, while linking to and benefiting from regional resources and a comprehensive vision for restoring Puget Sound. We are honored to be part of this amazing coalition of passionate environmentalists, consisting of over 150 non-profits in the 12 counties around Puget Sound. Collaborators with EcoNet include  NOAA and the Seattle Aquarium and their workshops. 

King Conservation District
The Washington State Legislature created the King Conservation District over six decades ago as a non-regulatory state agency that works directly with private landowners to care for the land and resources.

King County Employee Giving Program
We partner with the King County Employee Giving Program. Please talk to your supervisor or payroll department to support the Weed Warriors with your donation. They will set it up for you using our 4 digit code, 9841. Our participants volunteer in King County Parks, Trails and Open Spaces with “boots on the ground” to remove weeds and restore habitats. All you need from us is our four-digit code for Weed Warriors, Nature Stewards – 9841.

King County Library System
Weed Warriors, Nature Stewards Program partners with KCLS to bring discussions around climate change to communities through their “Everybody’s Talking About It” series. Climate Outloud is a facilitated panel discussion about what the youths and local organizations are doing to secure a livable future. When everybody’s talking about it we can make a difference.

King County Noxious Weeds
King County Noxious Weeds is a weed control program under the authority of the Noxious Weed Control Board. The goal of this program is to minimize the environmental, economic, and social impacts of noxious weeds. Their educational resources are invaluable to the Weed Warriors program!

Newcastle Trails
Newcastle Trails is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit volunteer organization focused on the preservation, expansion, and maintenance of trails within the City of Newcastle, Washington. The Weed Warriors have collaborated with Newcastle Trails on many trail building and trail maintenance projects.

National Wildlife Federation
The National Wildlife Federation is a voice for wildlife, dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat and inspiring the future generation of conservationists. The Weed Warriors organization is an active partner with the National Wildlife Federation to establish community wildlife habitats and wildlife habitat education around Puget Sound. Key Weed Warriors volunteers are Team Leaders in the effort to certify Newcastle as a Wildlife Habitat Community.

New Start Community Garden
This community garden, located at the New Start Alternative School in Burien, is also know as the Shark Garden for the school’s mascot, a shark.  Their mission is to promote the local production of healthy food and provide gardening education for schools and community members. Weed warriors also provided the fruits trees for the school garden where students learning gardening as part of their curriculum.

Puget Sound Starts Here Program
The Puget Sound Starts Here program consists of a partnership of cities, counties, state and federal agencies, nonprofit groups, and local organizations dedicated to improving water quality and aquatic habitat in the Puget Sound region. Our focus is on the streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and other waterways that flow into Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Most participating cities and counties are holders of municipal stormwater discharge permits issued in compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.

West Seattle Timebank
The Nature Stewards Program is a participating member of the West Seattle Timebank. We partner with the Timebank to reward volunteers for their community service efforts. Volunteers give back to their community by volunteering their time at community projects, such as installing rain gardens, maintaining community gardens and removing weeds at Holy Cross Lutheran Community Garden and Orchard in Factoria, the Highline Food Bank Vegetable Garden, and the Burien Alternative School Garden. Most recently, we have collaborated with the Community Orchard of West Seattle on the South Seattle College Campus. The Weed Warriors facilitated the donation of fruit trees and other vegetables at the schools community gardens. Volunteers installed and maintained three rain gardens in Burien in 2015.

WA Native Plant Society
The WA Native Plant Society provides training and experience to citizen volunteers who will assist local communities preserve and restore their forests, riparian corridors, shoreline and wetland ecosystems for the enjoyment and health of future generations in east and south King County. The Weed Warriors are present and assist with the native plants sales events in King County.

Seattle Green Spaces Coalition
Seattle Green Spaces Coalition works with community groups and city officials to re-purpose public lands for public benefit.  We are currently advocating to preserve the wetlands on the Meyers Way in West Seattle and the surrounding parcel acres to become a public open spaces park.

Sustainable Burien
Weed Warriors and Sustainable Burien have collaborated for projects in Burien and White Center. In collaboration, we brought “Fin,” to the residents and many school kids for an event at the downtown Burien Plaza. Fin is a huge fiberglass walk-in salmon with a mural that depicts northwest salmon habitat – everything from mountains, trees, bears to birds and, of course, a stream. Other projects include rain garden installations, weed removal in public access ways.

Sustainable West Seattle
We recently collaborated with SWS to enable them to fulfill their mission of reaching the West Seattle community with sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and lead the community toward greater self-reliance, local democracy, social justice, and existence in harmony with life on earth.

Weed Warriors partner with jurisdictions such as the Cities of Renton, Bellevue, Seattle, and the North Highline Unincorporated Area to help relieve the burden of removing noxious weeds. Other partner organizations have been 4Culture, the Greater Seattle YMCA, Coal Creek YMCA, as well as many sponsoring businesses such as Newcastle Starbucks, Sweet Decadence, the Chiropractic Wellness Center, Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, Newcastle Dentistry, Attorneys Maria Victoria, LLP, Orthodontic Excellence, King County Library System. Many participating non-profits are part of Newcastle Earth Day, (visit the Earth Day website page for details) our educational festival event for residents in King County.