About Taryn – the Garden Guru

Sustainable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest by Taryn Koerker

Taryn Koerker is an edible landscape designer, plant geek, and co-founder and Vice President of the New Start Community Garden in Burien. She has over 40 years of experience with organic gardening in the PNW and will share some of the important lessons learned during that time. See examples from her work in building the Shark Garden, the school garden part of New Start’s 1.6 acre garden park in this informative class on sustainable gardening.

This class examines six principals of making a garden sustainable and how you can get started in designing on of your own. We will cover topics like learning what sustainability means, available resources to local gardeners, time considerations, the benefits of choosing a sustainable system, how to engage others in supporting your project, and how a sustainable garden impacts our local environment.  We provide a worksheet for attendees to follow along on and take notes based on their individual situations and we will have plenty of time for questions.  Join us to see if you can integrate some more sustainability into your life and garden! All attendees are also invited for a garden tour of the New Start Garden by arrangement with us after the class.