List of Programs

Education – Community Service – Habitat Restoration – Advocacy – Workshops

There’s something for every volunteer, area of interest, and level of commitment!

Arbor Day Tree Planting Encourages Environmental Stewardship

Art in NatureConnects Kids to the Nature through Art and Culture Activities

Boots on the GroundEncourages Environmental Stewardship

Climate OutloudFacilitated Discussions about Climate Change

“Earth Week Celebrations” Activities and Education for a Sustainable Planet

Earth HeroesAwards Students for their Earth Friendly Classroom Activities

Eat Your GardenExplores Sustainable Gardening Practices

Get Your Earth On!” Engages and Connects Kids to the Natural Environment

Knights of the Living ForestDevelops Advocacy for Causes in Support of the Natural landscape and Wildlife

“Living in Harmony with Nature” Encourages the Use of Native Plants in Landscapes to Support Wildlife

“National Trails Day” Celebrates Nature with a Hike on a local Trail around Puget Sound

Up-Cycling Native Plants Stewards Rescue Native Plants